Changelog for the Kube – 07-09-2014

Thought i might keep users informed as to why the blog looks different again.

Switched back from ‘Customizr’ to a modified ‘Sparkling':
– Less blocking css and js, embeds work correctly too now.
– Page load time on average reduced by 12ms.
– Readable on lower resolutions now without large blocks of nothing.

Enabled Jetpack plugins:
– Jetpack Comments: Comment using either your WordPress, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account. Or also in the old fashioned way of using email and name.
– Jetpack Single Sign-on: Sign in on any other website using this plugin and be automatically logged in here.

Removed WP-SpamShield:
– Incompatible with many plugins.

Well, that’s all of it. Nothing else changed side from that.

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Plugin in use to generate a well-tended garden floor.

Random.Distribution has been released!

Random.Distribution has now been released into the public, after being private for about a week now. This plugin allows both Blueprint users and C++ users to generate evenly spaced but random points in both 2D and 3D space.

The plugin is free and licenses under the Apache2 license, which should allow for a lot of uses. If your use is not covered, please contact me using the form in the “Imprint” page.

Here’s an example on what it could be used for:

Visit the plugins page to read more.

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Announcement: Planned (possible) Downtime between 16:00 and 17:00 GMT

Just announcing a planned (possible) downtime for all things hosted by me. The Server is being migrated to a larger Cluster and will be unreachable during that time.

Known affected Services:

  • HTTP (nginx)
  • E-Mail (Postfix & Dovecot: SMTP, POP3 & IMAP)
  • Databases (MySQL)

Known affected Servers:

  • Blade Symphony Servers 1, 2 and 3
  • Starbound [unstable]
  • Garry’s Mod

I hope that everything goes through as planned and that i can start them back up earlier than planned.

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AutoHotkey scripting and extending basic Windows functionality

I guess it’s about time I start releasing things again, even though I’ll probably not ever finish them. I wrote an AutoHotkey script that I used in Windows 7 (and am currently using in Windows 8.1) that extends the basic Window manipulation functions of Windows. It currently has the ability to resize windows (while respecting aspect ratio), reposition them, make them borderless or restore the border and make it fill a certain area on a monitor. (more…)

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Webhosting and all the bullshit that it brings with it.

I’ve been hosting my things myself for a while, and usually there are a few moments where the documentation just completely stops existing.

For example, nginx behaviour when you turn on gzip and gunzip. Instead of gzipping the content once, it does it multiple times, for each user. And, some might have already noticed, removes the Content-Length header which is used by browsers to calculate the remaining download time.

This should now be fixed, partially, as gzip is by default inactive for everything that doesn’t have a file ending in .gz accompanying it. In that case, nginx will prefer to use the gzipped file and also send a Content-Length header.

Why is this not documented anywhere, or rather why is the default behaviour to do live compression? I don’t know, but at least I know what to patch via a plugin now.

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Recap of last Defense of the Amateur and the future of the tournament.

Time to tell everyone how the last instance of the tournament went down. To be honest, it was both a success and a failure. Let’s start at the beginning.

Announcement post and registrations.

It all started with a single post announcing the tournaments second instance, which announced it to start in winter 2013 and had links to the rules, a localized calendar for each timezone containing the matches and caster setup days, even when the winners would have received the prizes.
In one week, 32 teams signed up for the tournament and 7 casters signed up. So, a success? Unfortunately, it doesn’t end that way.

Contacting teams and the start of the tournament.

So far everything was going great. However, this was bound to stop at some point. And it stopped right at the point where I tried to contact all teams. About 20% didn’t answer via Steam and 50% didn’t answer via e-mail.
Even getting a proper team logo and description out of the teams was a hard task, at the end i had 4 or 5 teams send in a description and 12 teams with a logo sent in.

However, that was nothing compared to the actual tournament days.

Day one through three.

Some matches went through without a problem with one team being late 5-10 minutes (acceptable), while others had one or even both teams not show up at all. Two teams even had the nerve to ask for a remake after being late two hours.
Two fucking hours late. Did they even read the rules? It specifically said that at most 30 minutes of delay is acceptable for a match, because otherwise they’d endanger the other matches.

Obviously i was pissed at the teams that showed up late. And after this happened on both day two and three, i cancelled the tournament.

The future of Defense of the Amateur.

After a long break of thinking and redesigning, i think the best for the tournament would be if it is held using round robin and the rivaling teams contact each other for the times and dates of matches. This has some downsides: matches can no longer be live-streamed by a caster and some new rules will have to be created.

However, that is much easier to do, than coordinate a mess of over 50 people, some of which apparently can’t follow rules or read times and dates. I guess it’s better than nothing.

End of rant, enjoy your day if you want.

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So this is a thing now again…

This is it. I’m back, although on a different, more permanent domain. Mainly because it actually sounds nice and i have logos done for this.
Previously, there were only the forums, now there is this front page thing. I wonder if i can get the forums integrated into this aswell.

Anyway, the reason this now exists is because another tournament is going to open for registering soon, so stay tuned for more.

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